Similar to yoga, Tai-Chi can be used as a form of meditation and integral exercise for the body and the mind. Numerous studies have shown the improvement of strength, flexibility, overall fitness, and quality of life. Join us for one of our Tai-Chi classes on Mondays and Wednesdays!

Wellness Yoga

All levels welcome. This is a gentle yoga class that the instructor customizes according to the class. The class includes stretching, breathing exercises, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, which is practiced for health and relaxation.

Silver Steps Senior Class

A very low impact, chair assisted class made for those who want to improve mobility and flexibility. These classes are designed to get you moving safely so you can keep moving.​

Stretch, Roll, and Release

A class for all ages. This is a 20-30 minute class that will really help you find flexibility and length in your muscles. If you would like to bring a foam roller, we will have a short rolling demonstration to show you the best techniques for massaging out those knots from everyday use.



Take the "work" out of workout and joining in on this calorie-burning dance fitness party! Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why ZUMBA fitness classes are often called fitness in disguise.

Knockout Circuit

Join in on these strength-building kickboxing classes! The high-intensity drills are sure to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. Handwraps are required for this class!


Our spin classes give you a chance to hop on a bike and cycle through roads, hills, intervals, and even more! This is a sure way to get in some much needed cardio while working those legs!

Turbo Knockout Circuit

Just like our Knockout Circuit, but a shorter, more intense version.

Water Fitness

Splash your way to a healthier you! This class is a safe and effective way to participate in resistance training and aerobic exercise.

Go with the Flow Cardio (HIIT)

This is a high intensity interval training class designed to burn calories and build lean muscle in a short amount of time.


No matter your experience level, you will find a way to get fit, have fun, and connect with our fitness classes. We offer group fitness classes 7 days a week and include ZUMBA. Power Hour, water aerobics, and much more!

Your membership includes unlimited access to group fitness classes!


Circuit Training

Circuit Training is an EXCELLENT boredom buster. It's a combination of weights and cardio. This class has so many different exercises to keep you busy so your mind won't have time to wander!

Power Hour

Come join us for this barbell based weight training class. This class focuses on using light weight with high reps and targets every area of your body. Every movement in this class is choreographed to music, so you can be sure that you are going to have fun!


Group Fitness Classes